Swedish (Relaxation)
This is a classic massage technique that utilizes light to medium pressure that works the superficial tissues. The long smooth strokes of Swedish massage helps improve circulation, relieves minor muscle aches, and calms the nervous system. This technique has minimal effect on deep muscles and tendons.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release is a gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Deep Tissue (neuromuscular re-education)
Several techniques are used, including; precision neuromuscular therapy( PNMT), trigger point, myofascial, post-isometric, and positional release. We apply these therapies in a manner that does not create more pain but apply them so the body works with the therapy to help release muscle tension. This deep tissue massage addresses a specific area for the purpose of pain relief and increased mobility. Medical massage is effective for the treatment of issues such as; upper body pain in neck and shoulders, low-back pain, migraine and tension headaches, fibromyalgia and a host of other issues.

Geriatric Massage
This is a basic relaxation massage that is gentle, soothing and relaxing. Light to medium pressure is used based on the clients constitution.

Geriatric Massage on site
We will provide massage at the living facility for seniors. Seniors can benefit from a gentle and relaxing massage that will help with pain, depression, and provide a overall sense of well being.

On-site Chair Massage
See the benefits of a 10-15 chair massage for your employees. Massage help increase productivity and improve mental alertness and focus.

AromaTouch Therapy
The AromaTouch Therapy incorporates simple hand techniques with the power of dōTerra’s essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance. The therapeutic benefits of the session will last far beyond the time you are receiving the work and you will enjoy the pleasant aromas of these oils on your body for hours afterward. You will leave the session deeply relaxed, emotionally grounded and physically renewed.

Enhance the effectiveness of your massage with aromatherapy! Adding these aromatic essential oils further enhances the benefits of massage and your overall sense of well-being. DoTerra oils are certified pure therapeutic grade(CPTG) which means that they are of the highest quality and purity. Additional charge of $2

With more than 7,000 nerves in the feet waiting to be stimulated, you will find that reflexology is very powerful and relaxing. Reflexology promotes relaxation, reduces stress and tension, improves circulation and optimizes functions within the body.

Health Evaluation & Nutritional Programs
Your FREE assessment consists of a 30 minute consultation to evaluate your health needs and create a simple supplementation program using patented nutrition from Reliv International. You will receive mentoring at no additional cost. Pricing for products vary depending on your program choice. Some programs options are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Preventative Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Anti-Aging
  • Nutrition for Kids
  • Customized program

All products are backed by a 30 day Money Back Guarantee